From Afar | Breaking the Blog Silence


Yep, it’s been a while! I can’t quite believe myself that Little Ray of Sunshine has been lonely for so long, but there you have it. The reason for the blog break was many – it was all a bit much. Between moving house, great but insane work and everything else in between, for the first time I can remember {at least for a while}, I couldn’t handle it all.

You see, I’m a yes person. Which is great! I love helping people and I love giving. It must be my love language {not to self: read the book that’s gathering dust on the shelf!}.

But a few weeks ago, I said yes to one too many things and ended up a mess. I’m fine to admit it now, but at the time it was painful and damaging, not only to me but to the ones I love, particularly Husband. I pushed myself too hard to please others and the result was yuck. I can honestly say that I hope I never experience anything like it again.

Since then, life in the fast lane hasn’t slowed, but in a great way! I’m writing this from Nepal – a country full of as many amazing people as there are idyllic views from Mother Nature – where I have had the pleasure of accompanying a great group of girls on a Global One trip exploring World Vision’s work in some really remote communities.

I decided to break my silence because while I have the pleasure of calling this trip work and I haven’t actually slowed down, the experiences I’m having and the people I’m meeting are fueling me for life back home. Most things are completely out of my control at the moment which, speaking as a control freak, can be scary but also freeing. In  just under a week I’ve been challenged, loved and reminded why I’m passionate about what I do. Which is nice. It’s hard to remain passionate in our day to day lives, so I’m all for anything that brings that back.

One of the simple things I’ve enjoyed the most about this country is greeting people.


I wish we had an equivalent greeting in English. I feel like namaste speaks right to me, every time someone looks me in the eye and says it. It’s a brilliant feeling and I can just feel these people filling my soul up, despite their lack of access to the things I take for granted in my everyday life.

I know that when I head back to Melbs, the phrase will mean so much more to me than signalling the end of yoga class. I hope  it becomes my mantra and something to live by.

20140411-065549.jpgLove and sunshine. xo