Inspiration | Letting it all go


I’ve made it no secret that the last month or so has been challenging {catch up here}. I feel compelled to publicly share when I have gone through a rough time as I don’t believe it’s helpful for anybody, particularly not myself, if I portray an image of having it all together and kicking goals 100% of the time. That’s just unrealistic, unhelpful and {let’s face it} makes us all feel a little crummy.

I am also passionate about breaking down the stigma associated with mental health. We talk about exercise and feeding our bodies with nutritious food – shouldn’t our minds and souls get the same attention?


Since returning from Nepal, and while I was over there surrounded by inspiring people and beautiful countryside, I realised a few truths which hit home during the final few days of the trip. The most important one was around protecting myself – not only to allow me, and those close to me, to flourish but also to ensure that I have enough energy and time to do what I love, and not just what I’m good at.

I’m going to pump up my own tyres for a second here {bear with me!} and say that I am great at helping people. Need someone to save the day? I’m your girl! Don’t have time to bake something? Don’t worry, I’ll do it at 10pm at night when I’m home from a dinner date with friends. Stuck in a rut and have no idea how to get out of it? Leave it with me, don’t you even worry about it!

And I love helping people, don’t get me wrong. But I am a serious YES person and with that comes consequences. I’ve always been aware of this, and had thought I’d come a long way in learning to say no to people. But I learnt the hard way about a month ago that I hadn’t come far enough.

When I fell onto the plane back at the start of April, I was exhausted. Arriving back in Australia on Sunday morning, I was amazed at what good it had done me just to get out of the country and be present and focused on one thing for two weeks. It was a relief and despite the hard {but amazing!} work that came along with the trip, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

So here are the discoveries I made and the promises I penned to myself as a result…

I need to look after myself, so that I’m at my best and able to pursue the things I love and nurture the relationships that are important to me.

For me, this involves:

  • Eating well: I fell into the trap of picking up convenient food from the cafe and muesli bars from the supermarket instead of making my own lunch and healthy treats. My body pays me back when I don’t treat it nicely, so it’s time to get back on track.
  • Exercising regularly and moving my body every single day: I’m out of whack with my usual exercise routine and am feeling very worse for wear as a result. I remember how amazing I felt when I was moving my body everyday and realise that I need this for a clear mind and to be at my best. I’ve booked my pilates classes for the next week and have made an appointment at the gym for a program. Body – let’s do this!
  • Allowing myself time to relax and unwind: this is the trickiest one for me as I hate sitting still and am constantly up and about. Unless I’m by the pool or beach on holidays, I can’t justify sitting on the couch reading a book or a magazine. I LOVE these things but if I’m home I have a stupid belief I should be on my feet cleaning or in the kitchen. Yuck. Challenge accepted!
  • Learning to say no: see above!
  • Protecting myself: by saying no more often to things that drain me or don’t serve me well and instead prioritising things that are important to me, like my amazing Husband!

While I was discovering these steps that I need to take in order to set myself up to be happy and content with my impact in the world, one quote was also resonating in my mind…

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

– Tony Robbins

I love this quote! It sums up what I believe – if you’re not happy with something in your life, change it! No one else is going to do it for you. I’m sticking this on my wall and applying it not only to my life but also to my work. It’s time to shake things up!

With all these things fluttering through my head, it was a great exercise to write it all down. I wrote pages in my journal and was able to sum it up with the ideas above.

I also accepted that I have to let things that almost broke me go. There’s no point in hanging onto them like baggage, that doesn’t serve me well.

So, this is me saying I’m ready to move on. Deep breath in. Big breath out.

These experiences have made me a stronger person today, I very much believe that. And I’ve learnt some really valuable lessons from them that I might not have otherwise. So {in a way} I’m thankful for them.

So here goes!


Love and sunshine. xo

{As a side note, thanks for your non-judgement lovelies and allowing me a space where I can be open and honest with myself, and hopefully encourage you to do the same!}

Images via Lorna Jane Pinterest


5 thoughts on “Inspiration | Letting it all go

  1. This is a lovely post. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the power of our light. I also like the saying ‘if you change nothing, nothing will change’ Another great quote to remind us that we are the only one in charge of our destiny.

    • Thanks Katie! One of those hard ones to write but hope that it inspires others to think the same! Love that quote as well, will be using that one too, thanks! Molly x

      • Ooh I could talk about this for hours! There are some great books that you should read by Brene Brown. If nothing else, listen to her TED talk – inspiring! It sounds like you are letting go of who you think you’re meant to be and embracing the real you. Set boundaries and take care of yourself, but try not to put yourself in a bubble and wear an armor as protection from others. That will cause you to lose your compassion and connection, something none of us want. There are only a few people who deserve your true vulnerability so embrace that. Anywho, Katie out!

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