About Me

Hi there! My name is Melody {my family and friends call me Mollyl}.

I love my family and friends and will do anything for the special ones in my life. I believe in God. I’m a PR professional by day and dreamer by night.

I can’t sit still.

I love weddings and tying the knot to my high school sweetheart earlier last year {catch our wedding here}, I love helping to create other people’s dream weddings and being involved in such a special day is truly an honour.

I love the beach. Surf. Sun. Sand. It’s where I’m at my most comfortable.

I love baking and am on an endless mission to make healthy creations that my body loves.

I am a firm believer in your body reacting to how you treat it and need to be active every day {hence the healthy treat obsession!}.

I thrive on people’s energy. I am enthusiastic. I aim to be positive {my Husband is my inspiration – no matter what life throws at him, he always looks on the bright side}.

I love LOVE.


About Little Ray of Sunshine

I’ve always loved to write. The aim of this blog is to inspire others through my adventures in life and general ramblings of things I learn along the way.

I love finding great beauty buys and products that work wonders, I am fascinated by how food affects our bodies, minds and lives.

I want to share my journey with health and food with others to try and make things easier for them.

The name Little Ray of Sunshine comes from my childhood song {my parents made up songs for each of us kids} that goes a little something like this:

My Melody makes me smile, anytime of the day. She’s a little ray of sunshine that God has brought our way.

Little Ray of Sunshine is my little inspirational corner of the world. I hope to spread some light to your corner too and would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Molly darling. Love your blog. You are such a terrific concise writer and ergo you use words very well. Great that you love to write. Keep going!
    See you soon
    lotsa love
    Jane xx

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