Skin saving: one month to go!

We’ve hit the one month countdown today…yip yip yipeee! Given we’re now almost counting in days, I thought it was high time to share my wedding skin prep with you all.

Intervention: taking it to the professionals

As I’ve mentioned before {here} I’m not usually one for getting facials, and if I’m being really honest, I don’t do a lot for my skin. After an icky period of continuous break outs for a few years, I finally got my skin on track, so I need to be very careful what I put on it. In preparation for our Big Day, I visited the lovely ladies at Neoskin down the road from my work and, let me tell you, I am glad that I did!

After hearing such good things about microdermabrasion, I booked in for three treatments over three months, and had my first one before Christmas.

So what’s involved in a micro?

Basically, aluminium oxide crystals are directed through a hand piece onto the skin, which loosens and exfoliates the top layer, meaning you get a really, really good scrub of your skin. I decided on micros after speaking to my consultant at Neoskin, and telling her what I wanted to achieve from my treatments – reduce pigmentation, reduce my acne scars and, most of all, have *glowing* skin on the day!

I’ve had two micros so far and, with one month to go, I’m really happy with the results! My skin feels much clearer and the odd break out that I do get nowadays has subsided even more. I do find that about five days after a micro, I get a few pimply suckers, which I’ve been told is due to the fact that if there was something under my skin, it has to go somewhere – and the micro brings it to the surface.

I also decided to get IPL on some areas of my nose, particularly underneath my nose where I had a few capillaries, as well as a little on the bridge of my nose where my freckles are really prominent. But I love my freckles – they are part of who I am and I don’t want to get rid of them completely, just fade them a little for a more even complexion.

I had the IPL treatment a few days ago {which was actually surprisingly painful underneath my nose!} and the results are getting better every day. My capillaries burst before my eyes straight afterwards and my freckles have definitely faded a lot. The only downside is that they are now scabbing, which I was warned about, and isn’t all that pleasant to look at! I was also warned NOT to pick them {which is, of course, all that I want to do now that I’ve been told not to} so I just need to wait and chill out until they disappear.

I have one more micro booked in a few weeks, then a week before the wedding {and the day before we leave for Byron} I’m booked in for an Oxygen facial, which is supposed to make my skin *glow*. Brilliant.

So that’s the low down on the profesh’s job on my skin…now what about my routine?

Makeover: my new skin care routine

On top of my treatments, I’ve also revamped my skin care routine a little by introducing some new prods into my cabinet. It is my pleasure to introduce…

Clinique Even Better Skin Moisturiser

cliniqueThis little baby is helping even out my skin tone {guess the name’s a bit of a giveaway, hey?} and coupled with my Even Better foundation, I’m hoping it will work some miracles. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, so fingers crossed I’ll start to see some results soon.

Shiseido Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

eye cream

After I ran out of my Clinique Repairwear Eye Cream, I invested in this little baby to help with my dark circles. I’m liking it so far, although I must admit I liked the feel and richness of the Clinique one more. This one is much lighter, so I probably use a bit more thinking I need to have the same ‘heaviness’ on my skin. It’s supposed to work in about six weeks, so we shall see.

And that’s it for my skin-busters!

Fingers crossed this lady’s skin is glowing like mad in one month’s time!

Love and sunshine. xo


Diary of a Bride-To-Be: 6 months out

We did something life changing last night … we booked our flights to our wedding! YEEEEWWW! After more than a few family members and friends have forwarded on their flight and accommodation details, we finally realised that it’s time we got cracking on the little details. Like, yum, actually getting to Byron! That’s definitely a plus!

I thought that given we are less than six months out (oh-em-gee where has the time gone?), now would be the perfect time to start thinking about what I’m going to do to prepare for the Big Day. As I’ve said before, I’m not going to go all “if I don’t lose 10.14kg I will not be happy on my wedding day” on you, however I do want to look and feel my best as I walk down that aisle to marry the love of my life!

Here’s the thing about Brides-To-Be: we appear are extremely vulnerable. It must be all that anticipated attention on the day that gets us in a tizz at some point or another. I know that Jamie couldn’t care less if I rocked up sporting the biggest pimple of my life (oh dear, PLEASE do not let this happen!) – he isn’t marrying my face or how I look that day. He’s marrying me as he knows me – and he knows me better than anyone.

Yet, being the superficial creatures that we are, we still must look our best.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my skin/beauty/hair/fitness/health/wellbeing at present and some of my goals for the next six months:


I have temperamental skin. It’s so damn moody! As I said here, I have been using Prescriptives Mineral Powder for years, and loved it. It loves my skin too and while I still suffered from the occasional break out, it was never anything too serious (unlike before I started using it, geeeeez Louise that was another story. Thanks Adult Acne, you’re a gem!). I’ve run out of my beloved Prescriptives and after using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (usually only my go-to after my makeup has slid off after my lunch session at the gym) for about a week, my skin started to crack it again. I’m now alternating foundations (depending on the weather/how my skin’s feeling/what I’ve got on that day) between Clinique Even Better Foundation and Pure Mineral Foundation from Bloom that one of my lovely colleagues gave me. The Clinique foundation is darker than I would usually wear so I don’t wear bronzer with it. I’m keen to test it out to see if it really does get rid of my pigmentation. I tend to wear this on cooler days, as it’s quite dewy. On the warmer spring mornings and if I know I’m going to walk a lot to/from work that day, I’ll pop on the Bloom mineral foundation (with bronzer) which stays on nicely.

I’ve recently run out of my cleanser from MD Formulations which was working wonders, so I need to get back on that bandwagon. My skin has broken out recently, it’s not loving all the changes I’m inflicting on it, so this is something I need to work out STAT.

I don’t go to a beautician, although I really want to, and I’m keen to explore the peels and other facials that are popular at the moment. I’m planning on visiting a beautician a month before my best friend’s wedding in November, just to start ‘work’ on my skin and get it wedding ready in time for next March. Got any facial tips? I’d love to hear them…this is an area that I am so overwhelmed by!



I used to be BLONDE. As in so blonde my hair was practically a bleach bottle. I loved being blonde and while I’m still relatively light, I’m definitely not as blonde as I once was. Case in point:

This is me circa 2008 (at my 21st):

{me and my amazing Dad at my 21st}

Holy moly! Look at that bright blonde hair! {Dad please note how extremely tall you look in this photo…}

Now, I’m sporting a much more natural look. Shortly after my 21st, I chopped my hair all off into a bob. And started completely bleaching it. YUP. About six months after the big chop I decided I wanted it long again, but I came to the realisation (thanks to my lovely hairdresser Eden) that it wasn’t going to be long AND blonde. Eden introduced me to the joys of watercolour, and I spent all of last year having the dip-dyed hair that was so popular thanks to Lara Bingle and the likes.

I have literally just come back from having it done tonight (thanks Eden!) and we both can’t believe how much it’s grown in the last six months. It’s official, I have l.o.n.g. hair again! Hallelujah! I get a few foils on the top now and the watercolour throughout the rest, and my hair seems to lurrrrve it!

Cut to 2012:

{me and my man looking schmick at the Turtle Ball this year}

I’m so much happier with my hair more natural, so I’ll keep it like this for the Big Day, maybe add a few more foils to lighten it up a bit to fit in with the Byron theme, but other than that, no drastic change.



I am an exercise addict. Don’t get me wrong, I never used to be. I actually used to get puffed at the thought of going for a walk! Now, with my increased knowledge of health and fitness and having adopted the mentality of really and truly looking after my body, I’ve well and truly committed to nurturing it through exercise.

I wrote last week about the importance of incorporating something like yoga in your life (read it here) and I have been a committed (once a week counts, right?) yogi for over 18 months now. I love my yoga sessions, but I also love to run! I discovered my love of running in the last two years, and there is nothing better than going out for a run (or on the tready as is most often my case), letting off steam and coming back with a clear head. Just try running for 30 minutes and then remembering what was on your mind at the start of your run. It’s a form of therapy and I’m not planning on giving it up! After a few injury knock backs this year (moonboot thanks to stress fracture in my foot, current hip drama and knee pains) I’m starting to ramp up the running again and think this will be what will see me through the next six months. I’m aiming to complete the Melbourne Marathon 10km run on 14 October.

On average, here’s what my weekly fitness diary looks like:

  • Monday: lunchtime yoga, mixed netball at night
  • Tuesday: used to be a lunchtime Zumba class, but since instructor changes has resulted in a lunchtime run/weights sesh
  • Wednesday: circuit class at lunch (ouch)
  • Thursday: usually another lunchtime run/weights or depending on how I’m feeling another circuit class
  • Friday: alternating between Body Pump and Powertrek (a treadmill based class)
  • Weekends: hmmm…

With my new goals in mind, I’m starting to incorporate more fitness on the weekend, and this Saturday or Sunday I am going to run 8km. YES! I’m also trying my hand at the new “Warrior” classes my gym is starting to offer from next week. Apparently it’s not for the faint hearted…bring it on!

My goals for the next six months in fitness are:

  • Complete two fun runs of at least 10km each
  • Incorporate one other yoga and/or reformer pilates in my week (my sis and I are doing this together starting in a few weeks)
  • Run at least 20km a week (that’s only four 5km runs…sinch!)
  • Complete 12 sessions of Hypoxi (starting December) – I had a session last night and while I can’t justify the expense right now, I would LOVE to see the results of this fitness revolution. I think it would be perfect for what I want to target, so I’m going to save up and commit to doing 12 sessions before the wedding.


My stomach problems are pretty much under control now, thanks to my Low FODMAP diet. Jamie and I eat pretty well at home, we have lots of veggies and salad and I can’t remember the last time we had pasta! We made the switch to brown rice about four months ago and haven’t looked back! I’m trying to cut out all processed food from my diet, and while I have cut back a lot, I’m not quite there yet.

Goals over the next six months are:

  • Cut out sugar
  • No processed foods (bar the occassional)
  • Cut out wheat (I’ve pretty much done this now and feel SO much better)
  • Have at least three alcohol-free days a week

So, that’s me done and dusted for this kinda six months pre-wedding check in. Hope it was helpful for you lovelies! Have you got diet/beauty/health/fitness tips and tricks you can share??

Love and sunshine. xo

Image: Marcel Fitness

Skin saving: slowly but surely…

I think something happens when your man friend puts a ring on it. All of a sudden you are focused on the Big Day. The day when all eyes are on you (and your Husband To Be of course, but let’s face it most of the attention is directed at the Bride, at least to begin with). Your skin is supposed to glow, you are supposed to look your best – at least a better version of yourself.

Now, I have been and continue to be determined not to be a Bridezilla. Nothing puts me off more than hearing people go on and on about minute details of their upcoming nuptials (‘no I don’t think anyone will notice that your earrings are crystals and not real diamonds’). And I have not wanted to get stressed about anything wedding-related. We’re coming up to one year engaged and almost six months to our wedding, and I am honestly glad we have given ourselves the time to enjoy being engaged and plan our wedding how we want it – a relaxed, celebration with great food and good tunes with our friends and family.

But I must be honest, like any bride, I do want to look my best. I want to glow and I want to feel healthy from the inside out. My skin decided to go a bit bonkas on me a few years ago and as such I’ve tackled the onslaught of (mild) adult acne. Urgh. I cruised through my teens with the odd pimple here and there, then I hit my early twenties and BAM! Hello you pimply things, where did you come from?

Over the past 18 months, I’ve managed to get it under control, swapping my foundation for a mineral powder (that has since been discontinued – why?! – and I’m now resorted to buying on eBay). This beautiful product from Prescriptives did wonders for my skin! It gave me light cover and didn’t aggravate my moody skin. I’m about to purchase another lot on eBay, but unfortunately I’ll soon be on the lookout for a replacement as it becomes few and far between.

My (slowly) evolving skincare routine:

Makeup aside, I’m now focused on getting my skin ‘wedding ready’ and am slowly but surely doing an overhaul of my skincare routine (slowly because any dramatic changes I make will undoubtedly be coupled with a skin breakout).

Thanks to the gorgeous Rachel from In Spaces Between, I have recently discovered the joys of rosehip oil and have added this little beauty into my twice daily skin routine. I pop three drops of this little wonder onto my cleansed skin morning and night and I think it’s making a difference to my skin overall.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Thanks to my lovely breakouts a few years ago, I’m left with some pigmentation (aside from my freckle!) from acne scarring, which I am desperate to rid myself of before the Big Day. I have my eyes on a beauty from Clinique – Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, but as all dosh is directed towards the wedding account at the moment, I’m waiting a few weeks to get my mittens on that baby.

Clinque Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

In the interim, I’ve purchased this baby from Garnier – love a bit of beauty buzz and it has all been about BB creams as of late. I’m into my second week and while I’m yet to see any massive difference, I’m prepared to stick it out and keep going. Plus it makes for a fab base under my mineral make up and is moisturising/SPF 15 in one – bonus (if you don’t already please add SPF to your skin routine!).

Garnier BB Cream

As I go about finding new beauty buys that better my skin, I’ll be sharing the love. I know how difficult and embarrassing it can be when your skin isn’t up to scratch, so if I can help anyone else along the way, what a plus!

Do you have any skincare savers you care to share?

Love and sunshine. x

Images: Trilogy / Clinique / Garnier