Long Weekend Love


We’re lucky enough to have a long weekend here in Melbourne Town (thanks Queenie!) and have celebrated L.O.V.E. all round with a wedding, engagement party and a new engagement!


Today after a slow start, we’re off to celebrate our own love by finally grabbing some time together.

It’s all about a long drive, sipping wine and chilling out…




Enjoy! xo

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Happy Australia Day!

A collection of some of Australia’s beauty and some beautiful Australians who inspire me and make this country the best in the world.

Happy Australia Day!


{Bondi’s Icebergs}




{Designer and amazing biz woman Samantha Wills}

{Melbourne Town}

{Melbourne Town}61215eee7b33f224b0ae62bc9b05bf5b

{Can’t get enough of Cate}

{The Kimberleys}


{sun and beach = perfection}


{Hosier Lane, Melbourne}

{Hosier Lane, Melbourne}


{Rosie HW}


{Second home}


{Sass & Bide founders Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton}

{Great Ocean Road}

{Great Ocean Road}



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I’m a lovin’

I’ve had a fabulous week this week! It’s been busy and pretty exhausting (I always go to bed so late when I’m home alone), but it’s been full of snippets of inspiration and some magic moments.

First cab off the rank are my amazing newly decorated nails…

Fun fingertips!

These little beauties are by Chelsea at Trophy Wife on Brunswick St. I went with a friend last night and was fascinated by all the things that Chelsea could do! We both left very happy chaps and everytime I look at my nails, I can’t help but grin! I’ll definitely be back for more and I get the feeling so will some of my friends…

Beautiful family

After a few late night earlier this week, my parents came to the rescue before I got home the other night. They cleaned our house and left me dinner and a few treats. Bless! I was almost at the end of my rope the night before and, as parents do, this loving action filled my heart with warm fuzzies. I am so very blessed! Check out the little goodies that were waiting for me at the end of a long day … (FYI the bag is a genius invention, it’s designed so you’re able to carry your dishes etc with ease…brilliant).

In case you were wondering, dinner was lamb curry and brown rice which was amazing (!) and lasted me a dinner and two lunches…BONUS!

Drop it like it’s hot

I had my halfway measurements for Hypoxi and I am thrilled to announce that I’ve lost a total of 9.2cm across my lower body. That’s in about six different places, but still! I’m now starting to feel the benefits of it and feeling trimmer and more toned on my lower half. I realised the other day I haven’t been running as much (only a brisk walk is allowed on days that you do Hypoxi) so I was surprised at the great results so far. Apparently you lose even more cm’s in your second half. I can’t wait to see the results and will keep you posted!

Other bits and bobs

My old workplace has just come on as a new client so I’m thrilled to have the chance to revisit old friends and colleagues and work with that amazing bunch of people again.

Hippidity hop: I went off to see the sports physician this week and he confirmed what my sis thought – meralgia paraesthetica or, in English, my nerve is compressed and it’s causing sharp pains/pins and needles. The good news is that it will bounce back by itself, the not so good news is that it could take several months…hmmm…now all I’ve got to do is leave it alone and not wear jeans (gasp!) which are my staple. But there are definitely worse things in life!

My man is home tonight…YAY! Cause enough to celebrate!

My best friend’s hen’s day/night is tomorrow…YIPEE!

There is reason for all of us to celebrate and be thankful for the things that we’ve got going on in our lives. Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Love and sunshine. xo

Day dreaming

A few weeks ago, we finally decided on a honeymoon destination and I couldn’t be more excited! After much umm-ing and ahh-ing, we’ve decided to spend the first three weeks of our married life in the Philippines! We ended up ditching the idea of France for a number of reasons: a) it takes an awful long time to get there b) it’s very expensive once you’re there and c) we’re going to head over to Europe for a longer trip in 2014, so we figured it makes more sense to wait and visit the city of love then!

We’re pumped about the Philippines, mostly because it’s not that well known to people as a holiday destination. From all accounts (we had friends who recently visited) and from the pics we have seen, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Jamie and I (ok…mostly Jamie!) are big ones for a bit of adventure on the side as well, and there seems to be heaps to do – hikes in rice patties/through villages, diving, snorkelling through limestone caves, freshwater lagoons (that can only be reached by swimming through a space in rocks, at the right time of day and exiting at just the right time of day too!) and most of all an abundance of beaches where we can chill out and get our relaxation on!

While we’re yet to work out the finer details, we’ve penned in a few locations for our break. Wanna jump in our suitcases? Here’s some dreamy pics to get you inspired to book that next break…

{fresh water lagoon}

Images:  National Geographic / Summer Girls / El Nido resorts / Travellers Point

Day Dreaming: Engagement Shoot

It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s time for a little day dreaming to get you through the week. It’s our 9 Year Anniversary today (or decade minus one year as I am referring to it!), so I thought it would be the perfect time to share some pics from our engagement shoot with the very beautiful Amy Oliver. My mum and dad gave us this shoot as our engagement present and it just keeps on giving and giving and giving…

We’ve used these pics for our engagement invitation, engagement thank you, on our blog and as our save the dates! It’s fair to say that we really love these photos!

Amy has a talent for capturing the moment. She makes you feel so relaxed, you actually forget she’s there. I’ve known Amy for years, meeting at church in about 2000. She is a lovely, lovely person and a brilliant photographer. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, look no further than Amy! What I love so much about Amy’s style is that she has managed to get who we are as a couple and these photos show just how much we adore each other (“oohhhhh”). We had so much fun doing this shoot and we were so rapt with outcome that we’re flying Amy to our wedding in Byron next March.

We took these pics down at Port Melbourne beach in December last year. Just looking at them makes me long for summer…not long to go peeps!

In other news, the detox hit a speed bump last night when I got my hands on three pieces of chocolate…how did they get in my mouth? Ok, time to reset and refocus.

I don’t know about you but this spring weather is making things much much easier for me to get going and feel motivated to get outside!

Hope you have a lovely middle of the week!

Love and sunshine. xo

Images: Amy Oliver

Day dreaming: Spring fashion

Happy Hump Day lovelies!

It’s time for another Day Dreaming, which means we’re one week closer to summer and our days are filled with 14 more minutes of sunshine (that’s right, the sun is now rising one minute earlier and settling one minute later each day!).

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the spring fashions that are hitting the stores right now. After a winter filled with blacks, those neon brights and floral patterns are making me extremely excited for some warmer weather!

To help get you through the middle of the week, here are some of beautiful (affordable) fashions for your field…Enjoy!

Love and sunshine. x

{bright scarf great for cooler spring evenings}

{sparkly sequins ideal for summer nights}

{perfect throw on kimono for that hard-to-predict weather}

{neon skirt to brighten up the office}

{simple tank in a summer bright}

{next summer bikini that I will live (and honeymoon!) in!}

Images: Witchery scarf / French Connection dress / Spell Designs kimono / Seed skirt / Seed tank / Zimmermann bikini