Five Things

Rise and shine lovelies, it’s time to put your skates on for a great week ahead!


You may be bleary-eyed and have pressed snooze a number of times on the dreaded Monday morning alarm today, but now’s a great chance to take a moment and reset for the days to come.  A positive thought in the morning can change the way you approach your day, so how about it?

What is one thing that you’re looking forward to doing today? And another you’re looking forward to doing on the weekend?


As you read this, I’m finishing up a pilates class which, no doubt, I would have started half asleep but by now I’m pumping with endorphins and ready to tackle the week. If you have time for a workout before you start the week, quick sticks and jump to it! No better way to start the day.

Now, here’s some other things that I’ve got on my mind for the fab week ahead!

1.  Busy bee: I’ve got things on every night bar one this week and while I’ll probably get to the weekend exhausted, I secretly love having weeks like this. I thrive off others’ energy and with a networking event thrown in for good measure, it’s sure to be a fab one!

2. Puppy love! This is the week we pick up our gorgeous new addition to the family. Welcome Indi!

3. Laughing more: the last few weeks I’ve had the case of the borings. I love laughing and enjoying life and this week I’m planning on living up to that!

4. Delicious detox / cleanse part II: I’m amping things up for this week and getting stuck into part two of my Dietlicious cleanse. Stay tuned for a wrap up post when I’m done including tips, tricks and how I got through two in the one month!

5. And last but certainly not least…my beautiful Mum wraps up her radiation treatment this week on Wednesday. I’m so excited to celebrate with a champagne soda water toast. The last six months have been intense and she’s faced them head on. Congrats Mumo, we are all so proud of you!

Love and sunshine gorgeous people! xo


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Five Things


Happy Monday lovely ones! Hope it was a great one!

I’m still waiting for my Fabulous February feeling to kick in…it’s Day 3 now and I’m tipping tomorrow will be the turning point and I’ll wake up feeling refreshed, revived and ready to go! So here are my Five Things for this first week of Feb {in no particular order}…

1. Return to netball tonight: it’s been a longish break and I’m {pretty much} ready and raring to go! Bring it on!

2. Getting into the rhythm of the cleanse. I do miss my caffeine hit though. Enough said.

3. Summer times: despite the intense heat over the last few days, I’m resetting my mindset and am determined to remain positive about the warmth that comes with the best season of the year. Breathe it in peeps! We’ll be mourning the summer days come June.

4. Wedding love: I’m helping pull together some stuff for my bro and almost sis-in-law’s wedding at the end of March. I forgot just how much I love weddings!

5. And the best one…a weekend away with my husband! It’s going to be another scorcher in Melbs next weekend and in protest, we’re retreating to the beach for a weekend of sun and surfing. It’ll be great to finally get back on my board after such a long hiatus.

And now to leave you with something to remember for this week…



Love and sunshine. xo

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Five Things

The first public holiday of the year is done and dusted and with a short week, there’s already a lot to look forward to…including the reduced working days!

I spent the long weekend with family and friends and it was absolute bliss – hot days and long nights, my kinda summer!


This week marks the last week of January {this year is going as quick as the last one!} and I’m excited to get stuck into the start of February for my little health kick. Are you joining me? C’mon, do it! There’s still time for you to make a commitment to your own health and wellbeing.

This week, I’m heading back to basics and appreciating the smaller things in life.

1. Detox time: can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this break from the bad stuff. My body is hanging for it too!

2. Running: I managed to squeeze in my first longish run for the year on Sunday and this week I’m busting out another 8km run at some point when this warm weather allows. Baby steps towards my goal of a half marathon!

3. Impromptu time with my parents: my rents have moved to the suburb next to us, and even though we’re moving as well in the next month or so, I’m loving being able to pop into their house and even run over there. Such a treat!

4. Down time: between the madness, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to myself. This is a huge goal for me this year, so I’ll be practicing my meditation in time for Fabulous February. I feel my shoulders easing off already…

5. Fruit: it sounds silly but I am loving summer fruit! Nothing better than {relatively} affordable berries and stone fruit. Delish! I’d also love to make those yoghurt / berry icey poles below…

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What are you looking forward to this week?

Love and sunshine. xo

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Five Things







Holla Monday! It’s time to kick some serious butt. I’m ready and raring to go after an intense 6am pilates class to burn off some of the weekend’s antics. It was an excellent one and I’m still buzzing from the most amazing birthday celebrations yet. It wasn’t a significant one, yet I was showered with love and spoilt with presents from the get-go and it lasted all week!

Saturday night topped it off with 20-odd amazing people around a table at Melbourne’s hottest venue – Nieuw Amsterdam – excellent food, delicious drinks and my very best friends – I am one lucky girl! Unfortunately, I was too busy having an amazing time to remember to take any pics {that’s saying something for me!} but it makes it even more special that it was the kind of moment that photos wouldn’t have done justice. Thank you to everyone who came and helped me celebrate getting older!

Now, back to planning an incredible week…

1. Family time: can’t wait for a reunion with our Queensland family on Saturday!

2. Australia Day celebrations: the Hottest 100 is one of my favourite events and this year I even remembered to vote! We’re off to celebrate this great day with a house party and I think by the end I’ll be looking forward to my detox month of February!

3. Run run run: I was lucky enough to score a running watch from my parents for my birthday, and after the easy runs  during Melbourne’s hot spell last week, I’m back at KX Run and looking forward to the challenge again.

4. Planning for the best year yet: I’m determined to have a brilliant year, and that means planning and making my dreams happen. Inspo brekkies and books to motivate are on the agenda this week.

5. Dinner dates: with some of my favourite people this week. Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

What are you looking forward to this week? Comment below and make it happen!

Love and sunshine. xo


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Five Things


Happy Monday to you…and welcome to another week full of amazing summer magic.

It’s a sweltering one forecast for Melbourne this week, with lots of 40 degree days in the pipeline. It’s also my birthday week {yipee!} so it’s not surprising that I have a LOT to look forward to this week. At a glace…

1. Birthday! Duh! This is an easy one. I LOVE birthdays. I love other people’s birthdays and I also love my own as it means I get to spend time with my favourite people in the whole world. I also get a bit excited ala a five year old. My poor husband…

2. Did someone say puppy? Oh wait… that was me? Yes! That’s right, yesterday we found ourselves a beautiful little puppy to call our own! She is an adorable cocker spaniel with roan colouring and she is just divine. At the moment she’s only a few weeks old, so we have to wait a while to bring her home but we’ve started the countdown to 20th February already! {catch a glimpse of the little girl below…}


{our gorgeous little puppy!}

3. Dinner + drinks + sunshine = happiness: birthday celebrations are taking place on Saturday night at my girlfriend’s amazing new restaurant Nieuw Amsterdam. If you’re in Melbourne and haven’t checked it out yet, get yourself there ASAP!

4. Yoga: I’m heading back to the mat tonight for some yoga lovin’ {pre-dinner date with my lovely sis as well, what a bonus!}.

5. Surf’s up! Time to get away to the beach this weekend for a cheeky surf. It’s been more than a year since I’ve stepped foot on my board and I’m determined to get back into it, and finally get better at surfing!

photo 1

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Five Things…

Happy Monday sunshiners!

I’m mixing things up a bit today and wrapping up last week’s mad/lovely mix of events and catch ups. It was a BIG one and the weekend {as lovely as it was} has left me feeling pretty tired but grateful to have such a full life.

So, here goes. A few of my highlights from the past week…

I was lucky enough to get myself along to not one but two amazing events last week which were all about empowering women in their careers and life. Fierce Women definitely took the cake on Friday night and we were spoiled with amazing food, wine and guest speakers who blew our socks off. Congrats ladies, can’t wait for next year!

{Fierce Women from my life!}

{Fierce Women from my life!}

{Fierce Team!}

{Fierce Team!}

{and then Megan Washington appeared...}

{and then Megan Washington appeared…}

I went back to my yoga mat on Tuesday and had the most delightful yoga class I have possibly ever had. It was a beautiful way to start the day!

Down time was far and few between last week and in between a day off sick, it was a struggle to have any quiet time. Husband and I made the most of the limited time we had {not a spare weekend or weeknight until mid December now!} and made our little home into an oasis which served as the perfect Sunday night retreat.

Here are my Five Things for this last week of November {can you believe it?}…

1. Hunger Games: bring on number II. Jennifer Lawrence you are my hero!

2. Pilates / gym / running / yoga: giving my body some serious love this week and focusing my attention on getting it in tip top shape after I indulged in far too many bad foods over the weekend.

3. Dinner date with my girls: I’m hosting this week and can’t wait to cook up a storm for two of my fave ladies.

4. Sunshine: it’s been gloomy weather in Melbs the past oh month {sigh} but the sign is due to make an appearance mid-week and I will be lapping it up!

5. Time with my favourite: we have another crazy week and weekend ahead of us so we’re popping in time where we can get it. It’s never enough and we’re always left wanting more, but it’ll also make us appreciate the time we do have with each other.

Other things I’m loving…

  • This article on ways to make your marriage (or relationship) great is well worth the read. I was nodding my head at almost every point.
  • An interview with Gala Darling on In Spaces Between – brilliant!
  • Christmas decorations and music in the shops…my favourite time of year!
  • Menu planning on The Healthy Chef, look out girls, it’s going to be a tasty {and healthy} one!

Love and sunshine in this last week of Spring! xo


Five Things…

What a busy few weeks it’s been. Can you believe that we’re past the middle  of November? And I’ve got news for you, it’s officially summer in two fabulous weeks!

Since we last caught up a few weeks ago, I have:

  • Conquered my first 14km fun run in the City2Sea
  • Spent a fab weekend in Sydney soaking up some sun in Bondi and exploring some amazing bars in Potts Point with my Husband
  • Signed up to another round of KX Run (can’t get enough!), signed up for more KX Pilates (see a trend here?) and joined a new gym!
  • Started planning our New Years road trip to Byron

{14km done and dusted!}


{Bondi beach beauty}

photo 5

{Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi to Bronte}

photo 4

{Sculpture by the Sea}

photo 3



{By far my favourite – upside down world at Sculpture by the Sea}

It’s been a fulfilling time and even though it’s been far too busy {note to self: stop saying ‘yes’ to everything}. This week, I’m refocusing and setting the intention to look after myself better.

1. Inspiring events for women. I love the feeling of a room full of ambitious, courageous women and I have two fabulous events this week.

2. Some down time with my Husband and delicious food exploring one of Melbourne’s latest foodie offerings

3. Yoga. Namaste.

4. Back to the gym! I tried my hand at not having a gym membership and did last six weeks, but I’ve accepted that I’m a gym person and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine again.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Love and sunshine. xo