It’s Time


I was en route to breakfast with a friend the other weekday morning {and by en route I mean I had just started my car} and, looking at the clock on the dash, I realised I was going to be late. Again. Unless my trusty Corolla had all of a sudden become a V10, I was not going to make the half hour trip in 15 minutes.

As I grabbed my phone to text her {“Running 10 late as per usual”} I had had enough. I was embarrassed by having to write that text again and realised that I was the only one who could change that.

My Husband knows this story all too well. In drastic measures, he’s now taken to telling me a fake time {which I have calculated is roughly 15-30 minutes off real time} to ensure we’re out the door on time for important events. To my credit, I am trying. I hate being late and rushing around, but it just seems to be the way it always works out.

If it’s work-related, I won’t be late – although my last workplace had a bit of a warped sense of time which did not help my problem. One bit.

But if it’s an appointment – say beauty, physic etc – I’ll most likely arrive either bang on time or a few minutes over the clock, much to the frustration of the person I’ve booked in to see.

I know where I go wrong – poor planning and not allowing enough time spent in traffic. Sigh.

What this little breakfast outing did highlight for me was that I, like my Husband, am sick of being late.

As you read this, I’m lucky enough to be in the beautiful Byron Bay on a mid-winter getaway. Friends of ours were kind enough to have their amazing wedding in Noosa, so we’ve escaped afterwards for a bit of sun and surf. It’s done wonders for the soul and we’ve lapped up the time to read books that were gathering dust on our bedside tables, give our faces some light and generally do whatever we have felt like doing – which hasn’t been all that much!

I’m also lucky enough to be heading back to a brand spankin’ new gig when I get home. I’m so pumped! It’s a great opportunity and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the challenges that lie ahead in the next few months.

So, this is the perfect time for me to stop and assess the parts of my life that I haven’t been all that thrilled with.

It’s amazing what being unmotivated does to you, and it’s only just now that I have started a mental list of things I’d like to change, that I’ve become aware of just how slack I have become in the last few {or more} months.

Here goes…

1. Be on time. No excuses.

For me, this means allowing EXTRA time for traffic, public transport and getting ready and out the door. This also means prioritising and not trying to cram a million things into the mornings.

Usually my mornings have gone: gym, walk pup, shower, dress, breakfast…make lunch…out the door {“shit I’m late!”}.

Future mornings: gym or a long walk with the pup {if I do both then the walk with the pup becomes a run to the park and throwing of ball to wear her out a bit}, shower, dress…OUT THE DOOR! No time for breakfast sitting down at home. I’m going to get back into the habit of eating after I’ve left the house. This seems to work best for me. It’ll also mean being far more organised with lunches and packing the night before.

Another time-saving tactic I’m going to employ is setting a timer on my phone to give me ample warning for when I need to be out the door.

Note to brain: this involves pre-thought into how long it will take to get places. From where you live now…not where you lived six months ago…GUILTY!

2. Invest more time into my Little Ray of Sunshine.

Back in March, I signed up for the amazing Rachel MacDonald’s Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted e-course. I was pumped! I loved Rach’s blog and it was her own that inspired me to start this one. So I was keen to hear her tips of the trade on how to reach more lovely readers and make my blog somewhere worth visiting!

Of course, then life ‘happened’ and I allowed it to be an excuse for never. really. starting.

Now, with the second round of bright-eyed students eagerly awaiting for the course to start, it’s the perfect chance for me to follow through with my intention and get this baby rocking!

3. More time for me.

Meditation. Yoga. Running. Cups of tea. Reading.

Just some of the things I enjoy and ways that I recharge. While we’ve been away, I’ve been able to do a few of them – mostly the reading and cups of tea – but I’m making the things I love a priority for me in this next phase of my life and career.

I haven’t run more than a few kms at a time for MONTHS. Seriously, months! Back at the start of March, we moved house and I’ve never found new running routes nearby. It’s time to dust off the shoes and get the blood pumping again! To help with this little challenge, I’m setting myself the goal of running a few fun runs later in the year – 10km in Melbourne Marathon, 14km in City2Sea and finally, half marathon in the Sussan Women’s Fun Run. Intentions set!

4. Following through.

Firstly, a massive SORRY to those people who, over the last six months or so, I have promised to do things for and then never followed through. Trust me when I say that I WANT to do these things for you. I just have the tendency to over commit and can’t physically get through it all.

This coupled with my lack of motivation this year has meant a recipe for disaster and I’m not comfortable with it. At all.

So, you’ll be pleased to know I’m making a list {and checkin’ it twice}. All you lovely people who I owe things to – bits and bobs I’ve promised over the last little while. They’re coming! And if you wouldn’t mind…a gentle push to get things done would be SO appreciated!

5. Going easy on myself. 

Self-love. That’s my aim. It’ll take a while to stop the degrading, negative thoughts that we’re all guilty of, but I’m determined to live the brightest, shiniest life I can! And that starts with LOVING myself {and my aforementioned flaws}.

So, for now, that’s it! My intentions for the second half of this amazing year.

I’m getting back on my feet and I can’t wait for what’s to come! Thank you, dear readers, for your patience, understanding and LOVE over the past little while. I hope you enjoy the things that lie in store for Little Ray of Sunshine.

Images from the lovely Lorna Jane’s Pinterest. Script print from the amazing Jasmine Dowling.



New Year | New Goals

Hello gorgeous and welcome to a brand spanking fresh year!

We might be a few days in already, but Little Ray of Sunshine is just getting back into the swing of things after a beautiful summer break. I’ve been spending the past week and a bit thinking about my intentions for this year while road tripping up to stunning Byron Bay for Falls Festival.

This is one of my favourite times of the year – a fresh year and a new start, the chance to set some great goals for the 12 months ahead as well as look back on the ones that were set this time last year.

I was never big into goal setting until a few years ago after a gentle push and shove from my better half {read about my journey with goal setting here} but I’ve been a huge advocate ever since. Being able to go back over the goals I set the previous year and tick most of them off my list is always an incredible feeling.


I finished my goals today and this year wrote down a few intentions as well to expand on some of my aims for the year.

You might be thinking, that’s all very well but how do I actually set these ‘goals’?

If you’re new to setting goals, try writing 1-2 dot points under headings that are important to you. For example, I chose the headings Love, Life, Career, Spirituality, Health & Fitness and Community. Then I chose my main goals from the intentions I’d written under each of my headings.

I’m thrilled to share with you some of my intentions for this amazing year ahead…

2014 | My year to shine

  • Run a half marathon

  • Holdays to Bali, Noosa and Vietnam

  • Move house & get a dog {so domestic!}

  • Learn how to be on time {eep, this is such a tricky one for me!}

  • Become an events styling champion!

  • Improve eating – eat clean, unprocessed food 80% of the time

  • Maintain and increase active lifestyle {pilates 3 x week, run 3 x week, yoga 1 x week}

To ramp up the inspo, I also watched Jobs before commencing my working year. Great to get some motivation from Steve Jobs, who no matter what you might have thought of him was a forward-thinking, do-er and just made sh*t happen.


Tell me, do you set goals at the start of the New Year? What are you hoping 2014 holds for you?

Images: Lorna Jane Pinterest

I’m back…with some blog guilt.


2013 has kicked off in a big way and I’ve hit the ground running {literally actually…I have clocked up the kms lately}.

The time off over the Christmas break gave me a chance to think about some of my priorities for 2013 and set my goals for this year. I love this exercise. There is something about writing down my aspirations for the year ahead that ramps me up and reignites that fire in my belly.

I’m pleased to say that dedicating more time to Little Ray of Sunshine is definitely one of my priorities for 2013. Here’s a snapshot of my blog related goals:

  • Attend ProBloggers Conference this year
  • Put together an editorial calendar
  • Design a new website layout
  • Get a logo designed


I’m also keen to publish content that YOU would like to read about. So drop me a line or comment below and let me know what you’re loving (or not loving) about Little Ray of Sunshine.

Along with my blogging goals also came some blogging guilt at my lack of writing of late and sporadic posts. Ahhhh blogging guilt. Something that anyone who blogs will no doubt have experienced. That feeling when you’re sitting at home chilling on the couch thinking, ‘I should really be blogging right now’. As I’ve said before, my intention for this blog was never to write out of pure obligation and I still intend to keep that promise.

Having a planned editorial calendar should rectify this, for those moments that I really really would rather be sipping on a glass of wine and chatting with friends than spending the night on the couch glued to my laptop.

But I do have a disclaimer to admit: things will likely be sporadic on Little Ray of Sunshine until after our wedding in March. Working a full time job while planning a wedding in another state is a tough gig, so hopefully you can forgive me for the forcast of here and there posts.

For now, you can expect a lot of wedding-related posts coming your way, as we enter the last few weeks before our Big Day (6 weeks on Saturday…eeep!). Hopefully those who love weddings or who are getting married themselves will appreciate such posts, and for those of you who are not so keen, I’ll include some health and fitness articles in there for you guys too! Stay tuned and for now, keep rocking 2013 and living according to those goals and dreams you set at the start of the year!

Love and sunshine. xo

Image: Striking Truths

Stocktake – Health and Fitness

As spring brings us longer days, shorter nights and generally more smiles thanks to our skin seeing some sun, now is a great time to take stock of your goals and what you’re hoping to get out of this year, and the ones ahead.

I’ve even thinking a lot about my goals lately (I’ve written about the importance of having them here) and as we get to the pointy end of the year and start planning parties and Christmas lunches, I’m re-assessing and seeing where I sit at the moment.

I’m feeling much better this week – the ickiness and dreariness that’s been hanging over my head lately seems to have lifted somewhat and I’m starting to feel much clearer and more comfortable with the direction my life’s headed at the moment.

Which is why I’m keen to visit the goals I set myself at this start of this year. I am always amazed at the difference it makes when we put our dreams and visions down in words. So far, I’ve managed to tick off a number of major goals that I penned down for this year and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing I’ve achieved something I set out to do, which at the time may have seemed a bit scary or far fetched.

One of my major goals for 2012 was to commit to a healthier and more active lifestyle, something that I’ve managed to (finally!) do.

I’ve overhauled my diet this year – figuring out which foods don’t agree with me, saying goodbye to wheat and gluten (sans for the occasional treat), adios to a lot of lactose and fructose and making sure I move my body on a daily basis.

Twelve months ago, Jamie and I would have scoffed at the thought of eating the sorts of meals that we do now (and if I’m being completely honest said something like ‘you’re not living life if you don’t allow yourself to eat the foods you love’) – we’re not following a strict diet but our food is now much cleaner, less processed and mostly entirely free from gluten and wheat.

It comes back to appreciating that whatever delicious concoction you pop into your mouth will have an affect on your body. For me, if I have gluten, wheat, too much lactose or fructose, my body slows down (my metabolism and my brain!). I feel sluggish and not at my best. Whoever maintains that our diet doesn’t impact our health and wellbeing must be seriously BONKERS cos I am living and breathing proof!

I feel so grateful that I’m learning this lesson now, in my mid-20’s, rather than later. I’ve been lucky in the sense that my Mum has shown me how food affects your health – she has been an inspiration to me in the way she completely transformed her own diet and her health along with it.

I’ve also come a long way with my fitness in a few short years. I first started taking fitness seriously when I signed up to my local Fernwood gym back in June 2010. I remember the timing well as it was when Jamie’s mum went into hospital. I started seeing the time I spent at the gym as my chance to give something back to my body and to have a little time to myself. Before joining the gym in 2010, I would never ever consider running. I had convinced myself that I was more of a walker – but when I walked, I walked seriously! Now, there’s nothing better than that buzz from running and I’ve since completed five fun runs (and many injuries later, but hey!) since taking it up. More than two years later (and a new gym right near my work) and I’m still going strong.

I try to move my body every day and head to the gym most lunch times. On the rare occasion that work intervenes with my fitness schedule (outrageous during working hours!), I’ll make sure I plan my day, where possible, so that I walk in the morning on my way to work. I’m lucky in that I have a few options to incorporate exercise into my daily commute. It’s one of the positives about living in the ‘burbs and hiking it into the city on PT every day (the other is Gossip Girl on my iPad). If my morning walk is going to be my only exercise that day, I’ll either walk to a further station from my house or jump off the train at Jolimont and stroll power along the banks of the Yarra en route to South Melbourne.

A Melbourne morning captured on a morning walk

My final fitness goal for this year was to be at ‘wedding weight’ (WW) by March, something I clearly have not completed yet and it’s…ummmm…October. Ok almost November. My bad! Well, you know what they say about the last minute? Without it, nothing would get done! I’m back on track to achieve my WW goal, which has been set the new time frame of November 30th, my best friend’s wedding. Bring it on!

I’m spending a few other nights this week going through the rest of my goals and seeing how I’m tracking before the year comes to a close. I’m already thinking about next year and can’t wait to set myself some doozies!

Tell me lovelies, do you believe in goals? How are your 2012 goals tracking? Don’t be afraid to look at them, even if you’re afraid you might not meet them, this is a chance for you to re-evaluate and get back on track to living the life you want!

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Words of wisdom: Goals

{words of wisdom care of dr seuss}

Sundays are magic. The rush of the first day of the weekend, or in our case ‘Football Day’, is over and you’re free to relax for a whole day before the craziness of the working week begins.

I live for Sunday sleep ins, brunches, coffees and treasured time with my fiancé. I often get to the weekend and wonder why we live such lopsided lives – basing the majority of our time around the five day working week and while one day I hope to change that mixture around, that’s the way things are for now!

Yesterday morning I stumbled upon my ‘Goals’ book again, a leaving present from my old work. I sat down for a few hours and thought more about my goals yesterday, scrawling bits and pieces on the pages and looking back over some of my goals from the previous year. I had a cup of tea and delicious fruit salad to keep me company and I had the loveliest time. So often I cram my weekends full (this weekend is a prime example) and forget to allow some ‘me time’, but those few spare hours I found yesterday morning reminded me how important it is to make time for yourself.

{goals book, inspirational article, pretty candles}

{I also found Mind Body Green and was completely inspired by the posts about yoga, health and wellbeing…check it out!}

I’m a big believer in goals. My Future Husband got me onto them and I’ve since realised that something happens when you put pen to paper (or iPad as is usually my case) and state what you’re going to achieve in a certain time frame. Even if I don’t check my goals for 12 months, I am always amazed when I realise how many of my goals have been fulfilled.

I scrawled some new ones in my book yesterday – based around health and wellbeing {wanting to feel my very best when I marry my best friend} and things that bring me joy {piano, fitness, family and friends}. The beauty about the Goals book is the breakdown for each goal – step by step how you’re going to achieve your goal, what’s holding you back, how will you reward yourself?

I’m planning on revisiting my goals once a fortnight – adding new ones {no matter how big or small} and keeping myself on track for my current ones {hello fitness…I’m looking at you!}. I’d encourage you to do the same, you’ll be surprised by what happens!

Have a fabulous, relaxing Sunday!

{too true}

Love and sunshine. x

Images: My own / Love Photo Quotes