Hello and Welcome!

Hello world and welcome to Little Ray of Sunshine!  I hope you can find inspiration here and rays of light from little things in my journey through life.

While this blog will no doubt contain ramblings of my everyday life (which is quite jam packed at the moment), I will also aim to share knowledge of things I pick up along the way – amazing beauty buys, the skin treatment that you simply must have or an encouragement to try something that you’ve always wanted to do  (or have let slip…cough piano cough).

As a Bride To Be (don’t worry this is not a wedding blog), I’m currently on a quest to find the right food that works for my body, the right workouts that make me feel fab, the right skincare that makes me glow and the right make up that makes me feel spesh. I hope my findings will help you also discover the right combination of things for you and your body to enable you to live the most healthy and fulfilling life.

If you have any hints you think I should try, drop me a line. Otherwise, sit back and (hopefully) enjoy!

Love and sunshine. x