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I have been resisting the urge for quite some time. When I first spotted the birks down the runway last September I scoffed and coughed and swore I would never, ever again be seen in a pair.

IMG_5984Like every teenager, I went through the Birkenstock stage when I found myself in South East Asia and the replicas were a plenty. I had a pink pair and loved them even though, unlike the authentic version, they never moulded to my foot and, let’s be honest, were the most uncomfortable shoes I owned.

So I was surprised when I found myself drawn to them again a few months ago.

“You can’t!,” the sensible side of my brain told me.

“But they’re comfortable, good for your feet and in fashion!” begged the shopaholic in me.

9606909756_dd869899c7_oAnd so, off I trotted to the nearest Birkenstock store and bought myself a pair of these babies which, much to Husband’s disgust, have made their way into my casual wardrobe on high rotation, not to mention the run to pilates and yoga. So comfy!


I’m loving chucking them on with a pair of printed pants as much as I’m loving them with my boyfriend jeans and striped top.

Some Birk outfit inspos for this lazy Sunday…

Weekend casual:

Birkenstock style

After work drinks:

Birkenstock style - After work drinks

So what are you waiting for? Add a pair of Birks to your shoe-robe and I can {almost} personally guarantee you won’t regret it!

Images: Courtesy of Repeat Offender / Friend in Fashion / Collage via Polyvore


Fabulous February | Why Detox?

It’s almost the end of February, which means  we’ve all heard the word ‘detox’ muttered a number of times by colleagues, family and friends, sandwiched alongside ‘resolution’ and ‘get back on track’.

Guilty as charged!


Before starting my first cleanse last August, I’d read countless articles on how to do it yourself or the latest juice cleanse {which, for juice, is ridiculously expensive…why?}, but I was never able to fully commit. Once I tried to do one myself but couldn’t fathom the thought of giving up coffee, so that ended up being a failure. When I purchased my first Dietlicious cleanse in the middle of last year, I was scared of failing. After a rough start {read: caffeine headaches so bad from never giving my body a break that I fell down the stairs at work and dislocated my shoulder!}, I managed to conquer it and felt amazing at the end.

Today marks Day 4 of my second 5 Day Cleanse for the month and so far so good. I will admit that I have added in more fruit {two rather than one pieces} a day, but I have managed to stay off the caffeine, red meat, gluten dairy and booze.

For those of you considering giving your body a break from the bad stuff, here are a few answers to some commonly asked detox questions.

Why detox?


What’s with the lemon in water? 

It might seem strange, but that lemon in warm water you’ll be sipping first thing in the morning is doing wonders for your body. A few pluses include:

  • Helps with digestion
  • Supports the immune system
  • Balances pH levels
  • Detoxifies the liver.

For more benefits, check out Body & Soul.

There’s no way I can give up my daily coffee…

I know, I know! Trust me, this is the hardest part! But have you ever wanted to challenge yourself to see if you can go without that soy latte in the morning? It’s only five days, meaning if you start on a Saturday, you’ll be back to your caffeine fix by Thursday morning. In the meantime, sip on as much peppermint or other herbal tea of your choice.


PLUS, the fewer toxins you put into your body, the more that come out of your body! Winner!

I’m detoxing but feel tired and lack energy, what’s with that?

Yuck. The first few days are not pretty. Days 1-2 are the worst, particularly if you’re a caffeine junkie like me. By Day 3, you’re starting to feel a little better and don’t want to throw hot coffee in the face of your colleague with the large flat white. Your first couple of days may also see you tired and lacking energy. Completely normal. Don’t try to push your body at this time with hard or vigorous exercise. Take it easy and book yourself into a pilates or yoga class instead {hot yoga is amazing for detoxifying your body as well!} and wait until your energy levels increase before you start pounding the pavement hard.

Got any more questions? Hit me up!

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Five Things

Rise and shine lovelies, it’s time to put your skates on for a great week ahead!


You may be bleary-eyed and have pressed snooze a number of times on the dreaded Monday morning alarm today, but now’s a great chance to take a moment and reset for the days to come.  A positive thought in the morning can change the way you approach your day, so how about it?

What is one thing that you’re looking forward to doing today? And another you’re looking forward to doing on the weekend?


As you read this, I’m finishing up a pilates class which, no doubt, I would have started half asleep but by now I’m pumping with endorphins and ready to tackle the week. If you have time for a workout before you start the week, quick sticks and jump to it! No better way to start the day.

Now, here’s some other things that I’ve got on my mind for the fab week ahead!

1.  Busy bee: I’ve got things on every night bar one this week and while I’ll probably get to the weekend exhausted, I secretly love having weeks like this. I thrive off others’ energy and with a networking event thrown in for good measure, it’s sure to be a fab one!

2. Puppy love! This is the week we pick up our gorgeous new addition to the family. Welcome Indi!

3. Laughing more: the last few weeks I’ve had the case of the borings. I love laughing and enjoying life and this week I’m planning on living up to that!

4. Delicious detox / cleanse part II: I’m amping things up for this week and getting stuck into part two of my Dietlicious cleanse. Stay tuned for a wrap up post when I’m done including tips, tricks and how I got through two in the one month!

5. And last but certainly not least…my beautiful Mum wraps up her radiation treatment this week on Wednesday. I’m so excited to celebrate with a champagne soda water toast. The last six months have been intense and she’s faced them head on. Congrats Mumo, we are all so proud of you!

Love and sunshine gorgeous people! xo


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Love | Bits n Bobs


Wellbeing | Surf and sand

Last weekend saw Husband and I finally head back down the coast for some surfing and camping action. It’s been aggggges since I’ve played around with my surfboard and by the end of the weekend I was feeling great. There really is nothing like the buzz of catching a wave.

Fact: surfing clears your head.

When you’re out on the waves, paddling away and only looking for the next swell, it’s impossible to think about anything else. Thoughts of the office, family issues or what you’re going to have for dinner tonight don’t enter your mind, until you’re on solid ground again at least.



Health | Delicious Goodies

I must admit, I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times during Fabulous February. One was in the form of a decadent lamington {it was worth every mouth full} and the other was two scoops of ice cream covered in coconut when we went out for an amazing Vietnamese feast the other night {again, it was delicious and I don’t regret it!}. In between cleanses, I’ve made sure I’m nourishing my body by making my own snacks. Because, let’s face it, sometimes raw almonds and walnuts are just not going to cut it.

Banana bread

In particular, I’ve been digging this GF {gluten free AND guilt free} banana bread from the amazing Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef. I altered the recipe slightly and made mine with four bananas, one cup of almond meal and a cup of wholemeal spelt flour instead and the result was amazing! It’s a moist bread and packed full of protein with no added sugar.

{guilt free banana bread}

{guilt free banana bread}

Bliss Balls

I’m totally digging these raw cacao bliss balls from the amazing Melissa Ambrosini. They are divine. It’s impossible to stop at one, so I’ve taken to making small ones so I don’t feel guilty if I have two…or three…


Refreshing beverages sans alcohol

Part of Fabulous February  saw me sign up to take a month off alcohol and participate in FebFast. I’m now officially halfway through and apart from the odd occasion when I would luurrve a cold glass of vino on a hot night, I’m finding it surprisingly easy. Disclaimer: I am planning on drinking a glass of champagne tonight for Valentine’s Day by buying a ‘Time Out’ pass.

The month off the booze has seen me get creative with my drink choices. My go-to refresher? Soda water, slices of lime and mint. Hello mojito!


Mind | Nurturing and Nourishing


I’m back on the mat! It’s such a great feeling. I’ve been sticking to my once a week yoga plan and am about to shake it up with some hot yoga over the last two weeks of Feb.

I also nabbed some great hot pink reversible crops from Lululemon to amp up my practice wardrobe {buy similar here}.

As part of this month, I’ve been wanting to meditate more but have found it a little tricky to set aside the time with all the 5.15am {to be precise!} starts. Never fear, I’m always up for a challenge so am working on a bumper how-to post on meditation and other lovely things to do for your mind and body.


PS. In other news, I’ve just signed myself up for the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted course run by the amazing Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between. I could not be more excited to knuckle down and give you lovely people the very best blog I can create! Watch this space!

Images: sourced via Pinterest / Lorna Jane yoga images

Fabulous February | Detox Challenge


Thanks to the lovely people at Dietlicious, I was able to kick off my Fabulous February adventure with a cleanse – including all meals and snacks. Easy peasy!

The first few days were definitely the hardest, but once I was over the half way mark, I’m started to feel the benefits {catch up on my first few days in struggle town}. Here’s a brief snapshot at the last three days of the first half of my detox challenge.

Day 3

Yikes! Back at work where the cafe is buzzing and all I can smell is my {hot} soy latte calling my name. I make sure I have my breakfast at work to give me something to do other than drink coffee. White tea is my friend all day. I’m still feeling really sluggish and blah. Have to play netball later that night and lack a lot of energy. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this is the last day of ickiness.

Day 4

I’m up at 5.15am before the sun to make the early pilates class. Try and sip my lemon in warm water slowly but I’m running late and end up sculling most of it! Feel amazing afterward class and, apart from avoiding the cafe next door, I’m fine to have peppermint tea with my breakfast. Still can’t stomach the thought of strenuous exercise so instead of running group, I head off to yoga for an hour and 15 minutes of bliss.

Day 5 

Up early before the sun again and smash pilates. Make myself a cleanse friendly smoothie because I forgot to defrost mine overnight {whoops!} – in go chia seeds, almond milk, mango, strawberries and some ice. Delish! Struggle throughout the morning, so tired and all I can think about is coffee!

{I'll be trying my hand at DIY detox water next week}

{I’ll be trying my hand at DIY detox water next week}

Cleanse Part II

I had originally opted for the 10 Day Cleanse to really challenge myself and amp things up, however a break between delivers meant I had a few days off and I made the decision to save my final five days and complete it in the last half of February and really finish the month off in style.

To keep my on track after a week or so off the cleanse, I’ll be starting the next five days on Monday 17th, finishing up on Friday 21st. I decided to opt for the middle rather than the last week of Feb as I know myself too well – this is when I will need another kick up the butt and a chance to reign in any naughty habits that may have developed during the Fabulous February challenge {I’m looking at you date bliss balls you amazing things!}.

Jump onto Dietlicious‘ website and get your meals delivered for next week stat! Trust me, investing in your health and wellbeing is never something you regret forking out some extra money for. Think of it this way – it’s around $35  a day for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Go out for a meal and order a glass of wine each weeknight and you’ll have spent the same amount AND wake up feeling guilty / heavy after a restaurant meal.

Stay tuned for my next Fabulous February post where I’ll share some things I am loving at the moment {sans alcohol, gluten and sugar!}…


Images: Field of FlowersDetox Water / Choose to be Content

Inspiration | Electric Feel


There’s something great about an inspirational quote, isn’t there? You may have noticed that I’ve got a soft spot for them…ok a HUGE love of them! I find so many that inspire me, particularly through Pinterest, and I love printing them off and sticking them around my desk.

If it were up to me, our apartment would probably be filled with motivational sayings. But the ultimate would be one that is lit up in neon – ah-mazing! We’re moving to a bigger house in a few weeks and I’m getting decorating ideas already.

Here’s just some of the neon amazingness I’ve found already…{hello Etsy…I’m coming for you!}…


Love and sunshine. xo



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Images: Sourced via Graphic Love and Pinterest

Five Things


Happy Monday lovely ones! Hope it was a great one!

I’m still waiting for my Fabulous February feeling to kick in…it’s Day 3 now and I’m tipping tomorrow will be the turning point and I’ll wake up feeling refreshed, revived and ready to go! So here are my Five Things for this first week of Feb {in no particular order}…

1. Return to netball tonight: it’s been a longish break and I’m {pretty much} ready and raring to go! Bring it on!

2. Getting into the rhythm of the cleanse. I do miss my caffeine hit though. Enough said.

3. Summer times: despite the intense heat over the last few days, I’m resetting my mindset and am determined to remain positive about the warmth that comes with the best season of the year. Breathe it in peeps! We’ll be mourning the summer days come June.

4. Wedding love: I’m helping pull together some stuff for my bro and almost sis-in-law’s wedding at the end of March. I forgot just how much I love weddings!

5. And the best one…a weekend away with my husband! It’s going to be another scorcher in Melbs next weekend and in protest, we’re retreating to the beach for a weekend of sun and surfing. It’ll be great to finally get back on my board after such a long hiatus.

And now to leave you with something to remember for this week…



Love and sunshine. xo

Images: Enjoy Today / I am in charge